The Excitement Of Modern-Day Concerts

Concerts today have come a long way from what they used to be; a concert simply used to be a music show where musicians and artists would come and perform. Today, concerts are so much more. Concert planners have brought concerts to higher forms of entertainment and making the audience feel like they’re at an amazing party!Let’s take a look at the various thrilling innovations in concerts that we see today.

Epic Video Walls

In the past, the stage on which artists performed would simply have a single video screen or perhaps none at all. Modern concert halls, however, come with state-of-the-art video walls, made up of multiple screen panels. Not only do these video walls make for spectacular viewing but their multiple panels facing in different directions also serve the purpose of allowing concert-goers to have a great view of the performance from any seat. Most concerts are of course filmed and made into DVDs and Blu-Rays to be sold later to those who were unable to come see the performance live or for those who simply wish to watch the performance again. Concert planners therefore take great pains in filming concerts in a manner that rivals feature films! Concert planners also make use of drones, such as the useful 3DR quadcopter, to film amazing scenes of the performances.

High-Tech Stages

The latest concert halls are not satisfied with simply having a single stage on which the artists will perform. The stage is not simply a stage anymore; it has evolved to be mobile and versatile, allowing various parts of the stage to move in various directions. This serves to make the performance far more stimulating and impressive. For example, the Tokyo Dome is primarily a baseball stadium but is also the largest concert hall in Japan and boasts a seating capacity of 55,000. It has state-of-the-art video walls and stages as well; parts of its stages can be used to elevate the performers as well as take them below the stage. Performances at the Tokyo Dome are by invitation only, meaning that an artist can only perform in the Tokyo Dome if they have been invited to do so. Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift are some of the notable performers to have held concerts at the Tokyo Dome. Look here for better information regarding drones for sale.

Fireworks, Balloons, Streamers

Another step taken by concert planners to pump up audiences is the introduction of various tricks such as fireworks, balloons, streamers, etc. Stages are even fitted with vents that spew pillars of fire! Fireworks are usually launched at the end of a concert, in open air concert halls. Similarly, balloons and streamers are launched over the crowd, most often at the beginning or end of the performance, adding to the party-like atmosphere of the concert.

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